Simplified and Extended Timelines





4 thoughts on “Simplified and Extended Timelines

  1. Good Luck in your quest for justice. And sorry to hear about your traumas.
    Don’t let koreans or koreaboos and white men married to koreans get you down.
    Korea is economy developed but socially backward country.
    You are doing them good service and helping them to truly modernize and be civilized.

    I hope well for you


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    1. Thank you for your support and well wishes.

      I really want to make a change in Korean society. I believe if we all stand together, and all fight for this change and use our voices together, that we can.



  2. I feel so sorry for what happened to you. I am a female korean and don’t know what to say but sorry. I know my apologies as korean won’t be a solution. However i feel a bit guilty because it happened in my country and and the wrong policies and criminals have the same nationality as mine.
    I admit that currently korea society is very insensitive and unjust to equal quality for women. Women are now getting changed via websites such as , and others. the first website is mirroring words degrading female unjustly via using words degrading male to let them acknowledge how assultive and insensitive they have been. And korean womans started to see the world as woman’s eyes and recognize how unjustly we’ve been treated in house, work, and relationship from males and females having been victimized too long so enduring unjustice and being insensitive towards misogyny. I was the same but I’ll get better for the equal quality for woman.
    The only ways i apologize your hurt as korean is my awakening to gender issues and trying to speak loud and fighting for unjust conditions i have been overlooked shamefully.
    Sorry again and thank u for your just movement.
    I support u. hope u have a peaceful day.

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    1. Thank you so much for writing to me.

      Your words and your voice are so powerful – thank you for using them for good.

      I will continue to raise awareness and push for change every day.

      Your support means so much to me



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