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Korea Herald article + photos from court hearing protest


The above article briefly summarises the court hearing which occurred yesterday, as well as the protest staged out the front of the court. The next hearing will be on Wednesday the 15th of June at 11:30am.

Although I was not able to attend personally, others did so on my behalf.

The language used inside the court room by officials was absolutely sickening and completely unprofessional.

The defendant was told he was being charged for “sucking on the victims breasts” while she was “sleeping”.

The following are some photos taken of the protest.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have these badass women in my life.These women bravely stood out the front of the court holding signs in support of my case in my absence, as well as witnessing the trial inside the court with other supporters. To most people this kind of act may not seem like a big deal, but women in Korea who take a stand in this way are not known to be supported or treated with respect by many of the population. This was a big risk for them to take. Now is the time to start a movement. To force change to happen.